Corn cob pipes? Yeah, we got ’em. Sneaky one-hitters? Yup. High-tech, flying-saucer-shaped anodized metal pipes available in a range of colors? You betcha! And bongs? And how! You won’t believe your eyes when you browse through the impressive selection of smoking pipes for sale.

We have all sorts of handpipes, including a spectacular array of individually handmadecolored and color-changing glass pipes. In this section you can find creepy and fascinating spoon pipes from glass artist Salt, each one a unique work of art. Wood pipes, metal pipes, and all kinds of novelty pipes, we’ve made sure that choosing your pipe is as much fun as smoking it!

Here you’ll find bongs for every budget, from basic acrylic waterpipes to high-end ROOR and EHLE glass waterpipes. Our stock of glass tubes range greatly in price and features, so we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a simple, everyday, cheap glass bong or something special from our wide range of percolator bongs.

If you’re looking for a specialty pipe like a hookah or a Brazil pipe, explore all the categories in our Smoking Pipes section and you’re sure to find something new. Discover our latest selection of scientific glass bubblers, including the GlassCity 10-arm Tree Perc Bubbler, a collaboration with SNOB Glass!

It’s not just pipes, though! Here you can also find spare and replacement parts for your bong, like glass bowls, glass or metal downpipes, ashcatchers and precoolers, diffusers, cleaners and brushes, pipe bags, and all kinds of cool accessories!


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