Unfortunately in 2015 even in a legal Medicinal Marijuana state, we still need to pass drug tests for it, fortunately for us there are some great products, old and new MMJ Detox to get of through it.

For a routine drug test you may not need a complete MMJ Detox product, something like Quick Fix or Synthetic Urine products are the way to go. Its simple, fast, cheap, and hassle free once you know what your doing and know how to buy. Theres a constant battle ensuing between fake/synthetic urine producers and drug testing facilities to out wit the other, one makes the newest, greatest synthetic urine, and the lab tries to crack it. In order to stay ahead of this curve its important to make sure to buy the latest and greatest product, and more importantly is to make sure its the most up-to-date formula. Smoke shops all over carry Quick Fix, Quick Fix Plus, and other synthetic lines of fake urine, but make sure that before you purchase, that you are buying from an authorized retailer, and ask if its the newest formula, each authorized retailer should have a certificate of authenticity telling them which batch of Quick Fix they have and which formula it is. This is insure that you have the best chance of passing your test, which you should with flying colors!

If your are testing for any Government job, court issued drug screening, or in any case where the test will be monitored, your going to have to trust an MMJ Detox or Cleansing product to get the job done. There are many out there, and plenty of good ones, but personally i trust Herbal Clean, and more specifically Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex. Herbal Clean has a pretty big line up, including but not limited to Eliminex, but it is there top shelf product, so if your a heavy smoker trust nothing else. As with most of these products it gives you a solid window in which your urine will be clean in this case Eliminex Guarantees a 5-hour window of cleanliness. Its a little pricy but the reviews speak for themselves, and if your job is on the line don’t risk it, go for the best.

BNB Smoke Shop is an authorized retailer of both Herbal Clean and Spectrum Labs so you know they will continue to get the most up-to-date quick fix, and detox products. If you have any questions about any drug test or screening just ask! In person at the brink and mortar establishment in Mesa, AZ or anonymously online VIA their tumblr page FAQ. They are patien Check out the links below.

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