CBD oil is now available in all  50 states, and it has many therapeutic uses. A dark, thick oil that is easily ingestible (sold locally at -BNB Medical Smoke and Vape-). Numerous studies boast the seemingly endless number of benefits CBD oil can offer you, according to this one from the British Journal of Psychiatry the medical properties of CBD Oil include:






Just to name a few. The benefits are just starting to pile up, the more studies done on CBD Oil the more benefits we seem to find. Antibacterial, neuro-protective, relieves pain, anxiety, and even reduces blood sugar levels, to name a few more.


With CBD becoming more and more common these days its hard to know which CBD oil is best for you, and what effects you can expect. It depends firstly and mostly on wether you want to vaporize it or ingest orally, its all up to the user. If you prefer to vape then you’ll want to stick to low dosage, 4-8mg actually according to a study done by Leaf Science, As much as 97% was vaporized when the dosage was anywhere from 4 to 8 mg. However, when upped to 200mg, that figure drops to just 40% vaporized. With ingesting CBD oil orally you seem to get more bang for you buck if medicine is all you want. Vaping CBD oil will most definitely taste better, but ingesting it allows you to reach much higher levels of CBD in your system without saturation occurring. CBDOilReview.org claims that the “standard” daily does of CBD is 25mg, twice daily, however according to Mayo Clinic the dosage of CBD Oil very much depends on the condition it is treating, anywhere from 2.5 mg – 20 mg for chronic pain to almost 1300mg daily for schizophrenia.


Businesses are creating new ways to get you to get their CBD Oil: Coffee, Sports drinks, even water, ingesting CBD Oil has never been more popular. Currently, CBD oil is completely legal and probably sold right down the street at your local smoke or vape shop. BNB Medical smoke and vape currently carries a wide range of CBD products with more to come including both CBD Vape and ingestable CBD Oil just over the counter. BNB also carries CBD Dab, which is a great new way to get your daily dose, especially if you require a unique high dosage. The CBD Oil dab is much more concentrated then most CBD Oils that you may inhale however if you do require a high dose of CBD we suggest our own line of high concentrate ingestible CBD Oil.